Electrical Connectors

electrical connectorElectrical connectors are devices that are used for connecting electrical circuits when surfaces and interfaces are highly incompatible to one another. The connections made may be temporary, such as usages for portable and mobile devices, or permanent. These connectors are distinguished by the way they are constructed physically. Size, insulation in between sockets and pins, resistance to pressure and vibration, resistance to entry of outside pollutants like dirt and water, reliability, mortality rate and ease of usage also comes into play. With the fast and ever growing advent of technology in the present age, electrical connectors are almost a huge part of one’s daily life. Listed below are some of the most familiar electrical connectors people utilize almost always and are inevitable parts of the high-tech life.

USB Connectors

Who is not familiar with those in-demand USB connectors? No one! The USB, or universal serial bus, is a standard interface device found on most personal computers, laptops, mobile phones, gadgets and tablets. It is almost found everywhere. They are used to connect and transfer files, to charge devices and to serve as connectors for computer parts such as USB keyboards, printers and mouse and external hardware such as a hard drive.

Power Connectors

The main usage of power connectors is to protect people from unwanted and accidental contact with active conductors. These connectors are most often seen used in personal computers.

D-subminiature Connectors

The D-subminiature connector, also known as D-sub, is used mostly on computer systems and units. They are aptly named as such because of their D-shaped metal shield which protects and contains two or more matching rows of sockets that supplies mechanical support and guarantees correct and proper point of reference. D-subs come in different types, and are named depending on the number of sockets and pins they have.

Radio Frequency Connectors

These connectors are mainly used to ensure that the frequencies will not change the resistance of the communication line of which they are part of, else, signal manifestation fatalities will result. Radio connectors also must never allow any external signal to come through and must put a stop to any outflow of energy into the circuit.

DC Connectors

DC connectors are mostly used to supply direct current power. These connectors have much more types that are not interchangeable and invariably have more types such as cylindrical connectors, snap and lock connectors, Molex connectors, Tamiya connectors, Deans connectors and inverter lugs.

8P8C Connectors

8P8C connectors, or ‘eight position, eight conductors’, are almost certainly famous because they are by and large used in Ethernet. These connectors are commonly operated to eliminate twisted pair and flat cables.

Hybrid Connectors

Yes, there are hybrid connectors. These connectors generally are made up of housings with sockets that allow mixing and matching of different types of connectors and interfaces (electrical and non-electrical), example of which is the optical fiber connectors and connections. Hybrid connectors are standard in character; therefore, they are inclined to abridging assembly, repair and upcoming and possible alterations and adjustments.

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